vortex count – mettadature | detroit underground DU ™ [ detund LTD 19 ]

mettadature artwork

Mettadature refers to the natural environment that provides information about what happens in real time, identifying its components as programming language objects playing a role to complete a algorithm which forms a final habitat.
Nature is perceived as a performance in continuous movement, its elements send real time data, signals and resources, monitoring a circle of quadrature procedures formed by a database: nature.

Neuronal response to this stimulation is a result of a non linear treatment in different regions in the input space, and then a transfer function is used to get to the output level. It is important to validate the data with a series of unknown input/output patterns, the metadata.

Aesthetically, the music of ´ Mettadature ‘ is a mixture of mechanical rhythms, hypnotizing lines / glitches become lost in deep slow evolving textures, projected with a final purpose of networking nature and technology.

exoenzime voice : miron tee
habitat video edit : ergoset

all tracks programmed and mixed by vortex count

mastering : tadeo

detroit underground 2017.

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