Vortex Count is a non music electronic project from Bilbao [SP], focused in an abstract idea  where cyclical beat patterns interacting , hypnotic pulsating lines / textures, noises and bleeps, are a fundamental part of the arrange. 

Slowly evolving structures have an important role with very little movement or sometimes even a static sense of pulse, although elements used are always in continuous motion managed by frequencies in different ways to represent a microscopic perception of sound.

Rhythmically, beat patterns are created using a discrete range of tones and noises, generated by different tools, reconstructed to create a sense that drives tracks close to a mechanical system moved by different particles rotating around an axis line. This is reflected on the name project where “vortex” is a laboratory tool used to accelerate and homogenize reaction particles trought the number of velocity cycles / oscillations represented by the word “count”. 

Apart to releasing in different labels as Detroit Underground DU ™, Kaer’Uiks, etc .. he releases diverse stuff in Augsmatic Diaspore ™, a label created for release avant electronic works in general.

. In addition to working as a solo artist, he ́s involved in other projects such as Add Obscurae, Aural Research, V:room  ..   which are mainly a mixture of techno, IDM, industrial sounds, etc ..

. All of this is possible due to the influence of the trial / error method, life cycle particles, industrial contexts, binary code, inertia without movement and indirect light.


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